Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking Flight...

Well, only a few weeks left until our dossier is submitted into Ukraine. What's a dossier you ask? Well, it's a fancy shmancy term for LOTS OF PAPERWORK. I've been running around like crazy (before our childmoon-vacation) and since we've been back. It's amazing how many documents need to be included in this stack of paperwork, but more so, how those documents need to be notarized, and then apostilled. I know I know... I'm throwing out a ton of terms that you probably haven't heard, and trust me, I certainly had no idea what an apostille was before this process. Basically all this paperwork needs to be "authenticated" by a notary, and then sent to the Secretary of State (depending on what state the document was notarized in!) for an "official" certificate of authentication over the regular authentication-aka an apostille!

Wheewww, you still with me? Yes, this paperwork is totally making my eye twitch from all the stress... yes, I still have a couple more weeks of the twitching until the documents are "out of my hands"... but the big YES, is that God is totally and completely in CONTROL! I need to let it all go, and give it up to the GIVER OF ALL GOOD THINGS (thank you friend for reminding me of that-you know who you are!)

So, to help alleviate some of the stress... I've taken up paper folding (origami!) and have been creating a whole flock of these lovelies. They're going to be used for something fun, so stay tuned... they're going to take flight!

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  1. Sending prayers & good vibes your way. I envy your patience. You're going to be an incredible mommy to a lucky little. God bless.

    p.s. I have a blog, & I didn't even know it!

  2. So exciting (and nerve-racking)! But you're so right, trust God with each and every step :) Blessings on you and the Mr. as you prepare for the next phase of life!