Monday, March 07, 2011

BE... Inspired: Day 1-eclectic whatnot

Today starts our wonderful week of inspiration. Are you ready to be inspired? I have the pleasure of kicking off this week with one of my FAVORITE bloggers that I have found yet, Ruthanne from "eclectic whatnot". Definitely head on over to her blog to view the delicious photos that she captures, get a peek into her daily life, check out her shop full of gorgeous handmade camera straps, and meet with her Wednesdays (on her blog) to see what she's been crushing on lately! I guarantee you, she will not disappoint.

So without further adieu, I give to you... Ruthanne:

What inspires me?

What. Inspires. Me?

In an nutshell ~ everything.

Lights on a Ferris Wheel set against a fading blue sky.

Big, puffy clouds stretched out over the expanse of a beloved city.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the house.

Lights reflected across still water.

The everyday things that tickle my funny bone and make me snort. Out loud.

Joy. Pure unadulterated joy.

Chocolate. Oooh, yes. Chocolate is very inspiring. Dontcha think? ::wink::

The moments that make me scratch my head.

Laughter. Loud and boisterous.

There is always something extraordinary about the ordinary.

You never have to look far to be inspired.

Just look.

Thank you so much Ruthanne for taking some time out to share with everyone... you know how I know I LOVE this girl?... because of her love for coffee! Friends, are you feeling inspired yet? Stay tuned tomorrow for another post from another wonderful blogger!

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  1. Karen, I shared your blog on FB and Kelley Kagele said you were at GK... small world. Did you go to PWOC? If so, we probably have seen each other at some event or other. Hi! I'm in Italy now. Trying to learn Italian and adjust to a new way of life without PWOC (again) and no American base close by...

  2. WOW ruthanne! great shot of you and your little one! i love natural and precious moments caught on camera!!!
    you never fail with your posting either girl!