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BE... Inspired: Day 3- Gussy Sews

Friends... I'm so excited about our guest blogger today and the inspiration she'll be sharing with us. "Gussy" was one of the very first blogs, "Gussy Sews", I started reading when I got into the whole blogging thing, and she NEVER fails to inspire me. Not only does she create some of the most beautiful ruffled up accessories that I have ever seen, but her blog is FILLED with amazing posts on running a handmade business, highlights amazing handmade finds, and isn't she just adorable? Not to mention, her little puppy Bauer totally has the same hair as her! Be ready for some amazing inspiration...

without further adieu... I introduce you to...GUSSY!

Hi there {waves}, this is Gussy of Gussy Sews. I'm a blonde, curly-haired, blue-eyed girl living in Minneapolis with my husband and little pup, Bauer. I own a shop called Gussy Sews, featuring sewn accessories with ruffles: tote bags, laptop bags, zipped pouches, wristlets/clutches, headbands -- even eReader cases. I love working with colorful fabric and sewing a pretty stitch.

My husband and I have been living in Minneapolis for about 18 months now. We're originally from Michigan, but just over 2 years ago we both lost our jobs and were very quickly desperate for work. Zack, my hubby, and I grew up in Christian homes and so when job devastation knocked on our door, we knew Who to turn to. But it wasn't an easy road... It was scary {we had gotten married just 7 months prior}, and our suddenly new budget wasn't in the black. But :] we pressed on and God blessed us with work in Minnesota {where we now live}.

Right after we got married, but before we lost our jobs, Zack started a blog for me. He thought it would be fun for to have a place to share my stories. Isn't he great?! :] Originally it was a personal blog, but today it also serves as "cork board" for my ruffled products.

With my job -- maintaining a blog and running a sewing business -- it's mandatory that I spend time online to connect with readers and customers. There are many things that keep me inspired and energized and help me tackle this scary role of being self-employed at age 25. Below is a very condensed list of where I draw inspiration...

What inspires me? ~ see below for photos
* Balloons
* My sewing machine {every day it reminds me that "I can!" and "I will!"
* Cute coffee cups
* My 1916 vintage Singer sewing machine
* Time outside {walking, bicycle-riding}
* Remembering the gifts I've been given
* tree houses {ever since I saw Swiss Family Robinson...}

[photo credit]

[photo credit]

I also draw inspiration from our wedding verse:
Psalm 37:4 ~ Delight yourself in the LORD and He'll give you the desires of your heart.

It's been an source of inspiration, especially when I was learning how to sew back in November 2008. I haven't always had sewing on my "things I know how to do" list. I think because I kept an open mind to the plans God had for me {and my family}, I was able to take the opportunity to learn how to sew and really push it to the next level. And I think that's really exciting that I kept an open mindset.

Thank you sooooooo much for having me, Karen! xoxo

Okay... so what did I tell you? She's pretty great isn't she? I hope you enjoyed, because it was a PLEASURE having her here on my blog.... stay tuned tomorrow for some more inspiration!
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  1. Karen... Such cute stuff.... You know, the book she is holding, is by one of my favorite bloggers..... Go check her out.... She is amazing....