Thursday, March 10, 2011

BE... Inspired: Day 4- C. Jane Create

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you've been enjoying all the guest posting that's been going on over here... so much inspiration, it's making me sew/craft each day so far (and that isn't a bad thing!) Today I want to introduce you to Christa, from "c.jane create"... what a fun blogger Christa is! She has some great DIYs, some beautiful journals and other items in her etsy shop, cute kitties, and I think you're going to love her inspiration that she has for us today!

without further adieu... I introduce you to... Christa!

Hello! I'm Christa from c. jane create! I am a graphic designer by day, and a blogger/crafter/sewer by evening. I write about creative crafting,sewing, photography, design inspiration, recipes, and sometimes just life. Recently, I opened an etsy shop filled with embellished journals, fun coasters, and flower hair pins. I live in Columbia, Missouri with three boys - one human boyfriend and two cats. Of course I find inspiration in my every day by just observing the things around me, but I'm going to share a few of my favorite tangible places to gather inspiration. :)

Flea Market Style is my new favorite magazine and they have a blog, too! I personally love antiquing and decorating with the items I find. This magazine helps me find ways to pull it all together. It also makes me wish I could find some of the items they feature!

Design Sponge is an amazing website full of inspiration and fantastic DIY ideas. I just completed one of their projects myself! I could probably spend hours browsing this website.

Browsing Etsy can fill your head with tons of inspiration, too much if you're not careful! I will often re-create things I see, like I did with this wall art for my bedroom. There are so many creative sellers on etsy.

MADE is a fantastic sewing website. I learn so many tips and tricks from Dana. I even used one of her projects to make my valentines this year. :) You are guaranteed to find a project you can do.

I know there are many more places I have gathered inspiration from, but these are the recent ones that I can think of. I hope this helps inspire you!


Thank you so much Christa for stopping by and for sharing some of your inspiration with us! I told you she was great, didn't I? Stay tuned for my inspiration tomorrow... with another guest blogger.
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  1. thanks for introducing us to her! she seems like such a sweetie - and very talented!!! i love MADE too - Dana is def. amazing!

  2. Great post! Lots of good info!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great feature! Thanks for sharing! She is so talented!

  4. The framed button pic is DARLING! And she's amazing.

  5. eeep!! I love that button art!! this post is really inspiring!! Makes me want to get up and create something!! :D

  6. i love all of your suggestions christa! i haven't heard of made, so that is new to me!