Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding the Light...

The funny thing about cats... they'll follow the sun around the house... to make sure that they always have PRIME sunbathing opportunities. I wish I could fit on the ledge of the window for my skin to take in some Vitamin D..

I think next week, I'll have to grace you guys with some pictures of the house... I don't think you all really know where we live or how our "stuff" looks in a Korean Western styled house.
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  1. I love your kitty. I just wanna smooch his face. I love kitties, especially orange ones. I'm such an animal lover, it's just ridiculous!

  2. Hey . . . I just happened to think about this . . . how can you make sure your new family members aren't allergic to CATS?!?!

  3. Our puppy does the same thing...except not on a window sill. She stretches out so her legs are extended like a jumping cute!!
    Love ya!