Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ready...

So, there are a few items that I've acquired "here" and "there" since we found we'd be adopting... FUN band aids are one of the items... I mean, lets face it, something "cute" totally makes boo-boos feel better, and we always have kids over at the house.

Well, the other day the hubby hurt his toe, and quickly ran to the bathroom before the blood spurted... and low and behold, these were the ONLY bandaids available to him I might have purposefully used the "adult" band aids up, and haven't replaced them .

Hello Kitty on huge feet... It warms my heart...
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  1. Haha! Too cute!!! :-) Love Hello Kitty!

  2. i love all of your photos. even the ones of your feet :)

    can you come photograph my life? k. thanks ;)

  3. hahahahah that's a REAL close shot of the foot, LOL!! cute band-aid!!

  4. I still use kiddie band-aids. They are SO much more fun! :)