Sunday, March 06, 2011

Stacks and Stacks

Folks... I know you can't tell... but these clipboards (there are 2-even though I only photographed the top of 1) are FULL of paperwork... paperwork that is FINISHED and ready to be delivered to the post office tomorrow. We only have 3 more signatures/notaries that will be finished up tomorrow, and then I can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief. One day when I'm old and grey when lil' Davis(s) is a teenager(s) starts yelling at me in their rebellion stage, and utters those words, "I hate you Mom" or "You don't like me because..." (you get the picture), I'm going to whip out my copies of ALL of these documents, and "throw" them at them, and say in my sweet Karen voice (while shuffling through all the paperwork), "THIIIISSSS is how much I love you!" Boy oh boy, this little one (s) has NO idea how much work we've put into "finding" them...

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  1. wow.
    what a journey.
    I know you will be so glad to be one step closer to holding the little one :)

  2. I'm bubbling over with excitement over this whole process for you guys. I love adoption and I love that may end up with two little darlings. I can't wait for the pictures of your family when this all comes together. Do you know what ages you are trying to adopt? Or does it matter? Just curious.