Saturday, April 02, 2011

Baker's Twine DIY

My current obsession has been Bakers Twine... I use it for everything... when I'm wrapping my photo cd's for the business, to embellish a gift for something, to add a little bit of pizazz to my Etsy orders... EVERYTHING. Sometimes I just gawk at it, because it's so pretty (especially this turquoise color one.) Ready... Set... Gawk...

While I was wrapping up some baby gifts yesterday, I thought of a fun way to use bakers twine for wall art. I'm sure someone out there has already done this, because it's just so easy, but... I'm going to share with you how it all came together for me. All you need is a glue gun, some cardstock, and baker's twine.

First write out whatever you'd like the sign to say... I used the word, "Hello" in cursive handwriting, so it looked continual without any interruptions. Next you'll take your hot glue gun, and trace some glue little bit by little bit to the word... and add the twine on top. Be sure to be careful, it's REALLY easy to burn yourself I say this from experience

Hang it up, in just the right spot... and voila... some fun wall art.

I think it would be especially fun to do with a child's name or maybe even an outline of a picture/silhouette.
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  1. Aw, love it. Where did you get it?

  2. you are way too crafty K.Davis!! :) I LOVE IT :D

  3. this is so adorable!! just like the wall art Dana made over at 'Made' blog! I love your little frame. your blog is just adorable!

  4. or with a favorite Scripture! :) Make it a whole wall thing ;)