Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee House

The other day, a friend brought me to this adorable coffee shop here in Korea (just a few footsteps away from my favorite coffee shop...) and I just had to share with you how absolutely adorable this one is. I loved the painted "town" on the outside windows of the shop, and yes, the coffee was FABULOUS. I pretty much order a vanilla latte every single time that I go out for coffee... first, because it's my absolute favorite flavor in my coffee, and secondly, because I'll know it's a good coffee shop, if they make my vanilla latte JUST the way I like it. This shop, "Coffee House" made it JUST the way I like it... so it's definitely up there, with my other favorite shop, "From In"... "From In" still wins, because they have my favorite cheesecake cups... but this little shop, is definitely a close second.

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  1. oh gosh, Karen, I just want to go hang out at Coffee House with you and chat over a vanilla latte. Such pretty pictures!

  2. How adorable!!! Awesome pics. I want to go! How is their raspberry mocha?? (My "vanilla latte" :) )

  3. Vanilla lattes are MY favorite, too! :) Very cute coffee shop.

  4. Wow, this just looks soooo good!!!
    I have to repeat what the others said: your photos are superb, so much fun to look at.