Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forever mine...

My eyes had a break from photo editing today... and boy were they thankful to me. I headed to Seoul for some fun/shopping with some sweet friends, and had a fabulous time. For the longest time, I had NO idea that H&M and Forever 21 were just an hour and a bit away from me... now, I know... now, I will be back and back again and again. We've been having some glorious days, in the way of weather, lately (I know I'm probably jinxing it), and the sun did not disappoint me today... walking around the shoppingdistrict of Myeong-dong was everything and more that I could ever have dreamed of... and then some! Oh Forever 21... you are forever mine...

Random moments in our trip: finding a half squirrel- half cat man, the astroturf around the bathroom sink (you all know you want to decorate your home bathroom in such a way), and we had our very own paparazzi follow us around and ask us to answer questions in the video camera for korean tv.

Also, I would like to state for the record... that I walked by a HUGE table FILLED with beautiful scarves and didn't even buy one!

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  1. woohoo cannot wait to see the spoils :)

  2. f21?! can i go shopping with you next time!!! this looks like such a fun time!

  3. Um, are you a shorty? You kinda look it, unless you were crouching down in that mirror shot. I am too - 4'10". :)