Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Hearts

A few weeks ago (or maybe even months ago) I put it out there to ask for donations of handmade or crafting goodies, to bring along on our trip to Ukraine for the sweet little orphans.... and the sweet brown parcels starting pouring in! Friends you have made my heart smile with the amount of "lovelies" that you've created/purchased for these sweet little ones.

I've received countless hair ribbons, bows, headbands, accessories for the little girls. I'm SUPER excited about these, especially, because it'll be something "special" just for their hair... something to help them "dress up" when they want to feel like princesses...

Many friends have donated art supplies (which really warms my heart-for the little ones to create stuff on their own!), even a Daisy Troop here on base! My sister created these adorable smocks... please folks, you must encourage her in a comment to start up her own shop (her name is Christina!) because I think these would be a huge hit.

Sweet Amanda from "And They Will Become One Flesh" also created some lovely accessories that are made out of recycled goods (like sweaters/t-shirts, etc).

Sweet Christa from, "C. Jane Create" created some sweet little stuffed bunnies and handmade notebooks (and window crayons)... please go and check out her shop, it's full of lots of "lovelies".

Sweet Annie from "Wattlebird" created 2 animal hats that are absolutely adorable (it's going to be tough not to hold onto these cuties for my little one(s). ) Be sure to check out her shop, there are lots of cute knitted creations to drool over.

Trish from "Two Peas in a Pod" never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful handmade creations. I think the older kids especially are going to love the keyfobs and sweater cuffs! But everything she sent over is darling... just like everything in her shop!

Caroline, from "Good Times Never Seem Sew Good", who I have raved about time and time again, sent some of her awesome upcycled bracelets that you can find her shop.

A dear family friend (one of my mom's great friends growing up) created these beautiful dolls... I love that there are girl and BOY dolls!

It gets cold in Ukraine, so when sweet Jill sent these hand knit hats, I knew these little ones would be styling. Aren't these colors great? I hope to see these in her shop (because I'd definitely grab some for our little ones for this upcoming fall winter-I secretly want the one with the purple flower!)

Sweet Lori, from "ChicGeek Designs" sewed up 30 blankets (with the help of a few others) for the little ones! I just KNOW they are going to love them, since they're made out the softest flannel... not to mention I'm LOVING the color combinations! She also has the sweetest photo cards that you need to check out in her shop.

Seriously... you all have LOVED on Ukraine so much... I'm packing it all up, but trying to fit it all in a large suitcase is tough.. but it will get there, and it will brighten their days. I have NO doubt about that. I'll try and score some photos as they are passed out, but there's only so much I can put on a post in the way of privacy acts. I will try my best though. Also, for those that have sent something, and I haven't received it... have no fear, I'll make a trip to a Korean orphanage when I get back. Thank you all so much... thank you for having big hearts.
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  1. The things everyone gave are so great! Love your sister's smocks! Go Christina! What sweet gifts!

  2. Wow! What wonderfully talented friends you have! Safe travels my friend. I can only imagine how excited you are.

  3. fabulous pressies
    have a safe journey

  4. Karen, I still have some goodies for you! Please let me know how to get them to you or someone close to you because we are leaving at the end of this month, so we may not be here when you get back. :(

  5. What a beautiful thing for you and these shops to do :)

  6. I agree your sister should definitely start a shop and I'm so excited for you, too. (((Karen)))