Thursday, May 12, 2011

Featured Friday- Much Love Illy

When I first started writing my blog it led to me reading blogs... and while reading others' blogs, everyone kept talking about this "illy" girl... seriously... she was EVERYWHERE. So, I finally caved, clicked on a link, that brought me to, "Much Love Illy"... which is now one of my favorite blog reads. Ilene, posts ALL the time, and it's tough to keep up with her... but every morning I sit at the computer, and indulge in some "blog" time, heading straight to her blog (because friends... she never disappoints). She also has an adorable etsy shop, that's filled with beautiful creations (you'll thank me later...) and I recently purchased one of her poppy garland headbands (which I'll do a photoshoot with as soon as I get back from Ukraine), and am in LOVE. So today, if you haven't already heard of sweet Ilene, I'd like to introduce you...

Tell us a little bit about yourself, by using 5 words to describe who you are: Sassy. Goofy. Sensitive. Random. Creative

What's your favorite color combination? Ooooh. I think I have too many. Currently I love anything paired with gray- especially something bright like coral or yellow!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live? This is a tough one for me since I grew up as a Navy brat so I can't ever pick one place! I guess I'm happy to live in a place where I am able to be near family and also be right by the beach.

What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? I am so bad whenever I get this question- hehe. I have a lot of awkward and embarrassing moments. I think I just try to suppress them right away so I don't have to remember them ever!

Now to some shop questions!

Just like the chicken or the egg... which came first, blogging or crafting? Hehe. Love the first part of this question- too cute! I started a tumblr first which is kinda a blog, then I opened up my etsy shop, then I started my current blog.

How did your beautiful poppy creations come about? My etsy shop actually started out as a card shop. I loved making cards but I didn't enjoy selling them so I decided I needed to think up a new product. And so then, at the time, I was currently obsessed with felt. I also have always had an eye and love for accessories- so I took two of my favorite things and started to experiment and came up with my first poppy garland headband during Christmas break while watching tv. Ta-da!

Which of your creations is your absolute favorite? I think the original poppy garland headband designs with three felt poppies will always be my favorite since that is how the poppy designs in my shop started. I wear the gold rod the most!

Any words of advice for those wanting to start selling handmade? Just start already! Don't let the huge world of handmade intimidate you. If your designs are original and creative, you have nothing to lose. Just go for it and let the world know that you exist-spread the word via blogs, twitter and etsy. Dream big. You really won't know unless you try!

Isn't she awesome? If you don't already know Ilene... I encourage you to get to know this great gal... you must visit her blog, etsy shop, and start following her on twitter... she's a hoot!
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