Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Market Day

The weather in Korea has been beautiful the last few days. So it was no surprise that I took the day off yesterday (from freaking out about our trip to Ukraine) and headed outside to "Market Day".... which is only on days that have are a "4" or a "9". The bright colors were out to "play", and I couldn't resist snapping a few shots.

A day at the market with sweet friends... is a day well spent...

This machine that flattened out and made the seaweed (kim) crispy, completely amazed me...

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  1. i loooove these images! reminds me of farmer's markets in chicago but also the days when my family and i were stationed in okinawa!

  2. Love these! How beautiful! What are the pancake looking things? It also reminds me of when I went to Toronto with my hubby (then boyfriend), my friend Andrew (from Singapore) and his then girlfriend. There were so many things I had no idea what they were yet still so beautiful :)

  3. These are gorgeous images! Why do you guys live in Korea full time? Do you speak the language?

  4. I love these photo's! Such great shots of all the different foods!