Monday, May 30, 2011


A few of you have written/wondered what color hair our little one has... so I have this picture to share with you today. She's not a dark haired girl (like her Mama and thankfully no grey like Papa )... and she's not a blonde haired girl... she's right in between... a little of both... just the way I like it!

Please don't mind her crazy/tangled hair... It's pretty ratty right now... pretty sure she doesn't ever get bathed... that's all going to be remedied when she's ours!
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  1. When are you taking her home?

  2. Can't wait to hear the good news, when she is finally yours!!! Still praying my friend!

  3. She is SO lucky to have you! Praying all goes smoothly and that you'll all be coming home soon!

  4. I love seeing glimpses of your precious daughter and hearing the details of your days and interaction together and I am reminded of our similar experience when visiting Matthew & Natalia in the orphanage. We brought bananas nearly every day! And yes, our kiddos never had a bath before so on our first night together Matthew was like a fish in the water, but it was pretty traumatic for Natalia. Oh yes, and shoes: totally security & ownership. Shoes are still huge for the kids. What a journey! So proud of you! I am praying all goes well with court today. Love from Deutschland! Kristina

  5. I love seeing her little features (feet, hands & fingers, ears, hair etc) So glad when I can see your whole family together!