Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrating With Food.. Again...

The other night, after The Coleman Family came back from their court date with good news, of course we had to celebrate with food again. We headed out to what looked to be an Asian Fusion restaurant, but the only thing they had on their menu was Japanese Sushi, and the rest was Ukrainian food. Since the menu wasn't in English, and there weren't any pictures, we were a little stumped... but instead of fleeing the restaurant, the chef came out (spoke a little English) and decided to "create" a meal just for us. We ordered yummy Caesar Salads all around, and then to make life simple, ordered the same meal: steak and rice. Truly, it was a wonderful evening of fellowship, rejoicing in the good news (one less orphan in this world), and stuffing our tummies full.

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  1. So you've inspired me to get out my 50mm and try to get some of the shots like yours... No such luck. I'll keep practicing. Your celebration meal looks great!

  2. holla, nice post friend :)
    happy weekend (:
    visit my blog friend ^^

  3. ahhh...that's awesome...the steak looks so tasty! great news for your friends :)