Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day by Day

Somehow, yesterday, we survived a full day with Charlotte. We had some ups and downs, some meltdowns, and some happy moments, but all in all... it was a successful day, because she lived to see Day 2 (today) and woke up smiling nice and big for us (even though she was very upset last night to head to bed). Motherhood (and my hubby will agree, it goes the same with Fatherhood) is TOUGH... when people told us to prepare ourselves for our lives to change... we listened, and we appreciated the warning, but we didn't know ALL that it would entail. We find ourselves constantly asking/thinking/praying for guidance in how we handle certain situations with Charlotte... I'm sure it's like that for any new parent... but it feels EXTRA difficult at times, since she's a toddler.

But we find joys and praises throughout the day... and it's what keeps us going and going... For instance, yesterday Charlotte did 5 somersaults (when she used to not like sitting down on the floor at all-she doesn't like getting dirty)... and she would follow all of my actions in our apartment's mirrors. I would raise my hands and say, "Up" and then squat on the floor and say, "Down" and there our little one would do exactly what I was doing, and even attempted to say the words. That's actually how we got her to do a somersault!

It's fun looking in our closet here, and viewing all of the little clothing items that we've picked up here and there over the last few days/week for Charlotte, and seeing diapers (even though, I'd really have LOVED her to be potty trained)...

and you know what other site is lovely? Starting at my hubby's clean, shaven face! Man, I forget how handsome he is, when he has whiskers growing for over a month long. I think Charlie was a little unsure of Papa this morning when she woke up to see him without a beard, but she is enjoying her kisses from him even more now... as am I!

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  1. If it's any consolation, the daily, sometimes moment by moment, decision making is the hardest for me. It's like, could I just NOT have to be in charge and make all these decisions for a MINUTE? Big hugs!

  2. Aw, I'm so glad that you are able to spend your days with your little girl now! I agree that toddlers are tough especially when you haven't raised them from birth. I was a nanny for the past two years and the now 4 year-old probably gave me the most problems and required the most grace in handling her.

    I agree that clean shaven is better for our husbands also. No scritchy hairs.

    Enjoy your time with your little girl. Potty training will come with time!

  3. Congratulations!! So excited for you guys. Praying for a smooth transition as you come home soon!

  4. Karen, Joining the club of parenthood well I was right there with you. I had NO IDEA how hard it was going to be! I thought I had an idea, but really did not know, especially with two. I think the best advice people have given me has been take each day at a time, count to ten when you are frustrated, follow your gut as a mom, follow through with what you say, and give them tons of love. I will tell you some of the best advice has not been from books but from other parents. Anyway, so dont be afraid to ask other moms and dads, you would be surprised some of the tricks of the trade they have learned! So excited about the words and actions for you. That is so promising and just HUGE!!! Congratulations to you all! So exciting. God is amazing and wonderful!!!

    Kristi G.

  5. Karen...parenthood is TOUGH it doesn't matter what age, but God gives you the patience and wisdom you need in every situation. The joyous fun times far exceed the tough ones! I am so overjoyed for you! Please let us know what we can start gathering up for you.