Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Filled to the top... with JOY!

A few weeks ago, when we started our journey actually "in" Ukraine... if you had told us (the hubby and I) that we would have another adoptive family along our sides adopting from the same region, same orphanage, and is also military... I would have said, "Nah, that would NEVER happen"... but God is good... wait, no, God is GREAT! and he placed this sweet family, The Colemans, in our lives. We came to know about this family a tad bit before we even left for Ukraine, but were introduced to them when we flew into the airport, landed and were picked up by the very same driver. After bunking together at the Hospitality House in Kiev, and found out we were heading to the very same region and orphanage as the Colemans, we decided once in region, to bunk with them again. We're only saving a few dollars here and there on lodging, but it has been a comfort away from home, and they have been our "life line" here in Ukraine. We honestly couldn't imagine doing this without them.

We met our children on the same day, and were even scheduled to have our court dates the same day, until they received a dreaded phone call just a few days before, saying that their Interpol Clearance from Germany hadn't been received. So, May 31 came, and while we rejoiced in our court date, it was a bitter sweet day, as the Colemans still hadn't received their clearance. They continued to visit their "soon-to-be" little boy in the orphanage everyday, during the same time we were visiting with Charlotte, and we have been in prayer over their situation, knowing that it was all in God's timing.

Yesterday morning, while we were headed to our morning orphanage visit (we head out around 9:50, to get there for 10 am each morning)... I asked my hubby if he had his cell phone with (just to double check), and then out of routine, I asked the Colemans if they had their cell phone charged and along for the morning visit (in hopes that the facilitators would call about their Interpol). To which, Ashley replied, " It doesn't matter, they won't call until after 6 pm anyway." Not even a second later, after the word "anyway" exited her lips, did their phone ring... Interpol cleared and they were scheduled from a court date on Wednesday! We rejoiced in this awesome news... God really shared His sense of humor with us in that moment!

So, today was the Colemans court date, and we have no doubt that they'll pass with flying colors. We're just so excited to see their family expand by one... and might I just say, he's quite the handsome little fella (don't let his outfit in this picture fool you... the nannies here, don't know how to dress the kids!) ...

Congrats Sweet Coleman Family... The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled to the TOP with JOY!
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  1. Awwwww!! How beautiful!! God truly is great!! Congrats on your new blessing + best wishes to the Colemans. xoxo