Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Set of Wheels

A few weeks ago, we purchased Charlotte's first set of "wheels" from the local children's/baby store. We had high hopes on getting her used to it in the orphanage (taking her out for some strolls around the grounds) before "breaking her out"... however, when we showed up with it, it ended up being one of the most difficult tasks ahead for ourselves...

She finally gave in for a few minutes... and when I say a few minutes, I believe it was a collective 5 minutes while she was reading through a book (that I handed her to help redirect her initial cries when we first sat her in the stroller.) I believe it was right on the 5 minute count that she started WAILING and wanted out immediately.

We tried a few times after that day at the orphanage, and each time she would WAIL and FLAIL and wouldn't let us stick her in there. We were a bit worried... the main reason we purchased her stroller here in Ukraine was to help out with the transitions between the airports and travel that we would be doing to head back to Korea...and that Charlie would be a little more for us to "lug" along with our luggage.

After we "broke" Charlotte out of "jail" (Gotcha Day), we decided we really needed to crack down on her stroller riding. Every where we went (grocery store, passport/police station, park) we tried putting her in her stroller, and she would whine and complain for a few minutes, but would be okay for about 15 minutes after, and then would start whining and complaining again. Let's just say, we got a lot ugly stares from everyone around us, but we just felt we had to STICK it out! Finally, we decided to try strolling with a friend. Since the Coleman's brought their 2 year old daughter along, we decided to try an outing to the park with her and Charlotte in their strollers. It was GENIUS.. at first Charlotte whined a little, but then she saw how could she sit back and enjoy the ride, and she was all set. No kidding, from that moment on, Charlotte's been fine riding in her stroller.. in fact, sometimes she points to it to let us know she wants to go outside.

Although she's been great at strolling without her friend some of the times we've been out, strolling is much more fun, when you have a friend along for the ride... (especially when Charlie FINALLY understands what a "high five" is).

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  1. What cute pictures!!!Love that high 5!!!

  2. I was going to suggest letting her see someone else her age in a stroller. Glad you figured it out. If you haven't looked into it already, I would HIGHLY recommend an Ergo if you plan on travelling quite a bit. Charlotte looks like a small 3 year old so I'm sure she'd fit in it for another year or two. (I think they have a 35lbs weight limit.) We've used it to haul our daughter ALL over Europe and the US and it is MUCH easier than dealing with a stroller at airports (or museums or any place crowded). I had to talk my husband into buying one and he's said it's been our best purchase yet. She still loves to ride in the Ergo and it gives kiddos a different perspective being up on your level vs down on stroller level. =) But I'm glad the stroller is working for you now!

  3. aaahhhh! That's great! :O)~CB

  4. What a sweet photo of the high five! And yes, the Ergo is awesome for travelling.

  5. So cute!!! High fives are awesome!!!

  6. oh my word, those pictures of the little ones giving each other high five's are too stinkin' adorable!