Saturday, June 11, 2011


Whenever we drop off Charlotte after our morning "get together"... we always pass by the nannies that are preparing lunch... stacking all of the pots and bowls of food on the serving carts... and our little girl goes RUNNING to them. At first, she would just hold up her hands to them, and groan really loudly... but now, she goes up to them, and say "num num" while pointing to her mouth. Yup, she's all about handouts. They have no idea what "num num" is... but she usually always ends up with 2 cookies (one for each hand) that she annihilates before making it back to her room. Saying she's a "good eater" is an understatement...

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  1. Hi Davis Family! I just want to share another family that is there in country with you. They just had their Gotcha Day yesterday. Here is a link to their post.
    Praying that things are falling in place for Charlie's big day!
    Hugs ~ Jo