Friday, June 10, 2011

Lonely Lovey...

Uh Oh... what did Mama try and sneak in while holding Charlotte today... yup, that's right, a lovey... her lovey! (lovey laying on Mama's shoulder is completely staged)

Sneaky Sneaky Mama... I wonder how Charlotte will feel about her lovey...

Still no love for lovey... poor lonely lovey...

We'll just have to try again tomorrow...
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  1. Karen she will most likely find her own lovey, I had things for both of my kids and they chose something else themselves, you've seen the knitted jacket Elias still sleeps with. In one way if she doesn't take a lovey it may actually be easier, this way you aren't dragging the thing around everywhere you go. Hopefully she will just be confident and secure enough to just need you guys.

  2. Too cute! I totally understand- I just made a lovey for my baby and he couldn't care less. :)

  3. same thing with both of my boys. they don't love a lovey, just me :)