Monday, June 27, 2011

Need Your Help!

Hi friends... just wanted to send a little request your way. I'm in a contest for a free photo session, from a local photographer here in Korea (Close to Home Photography) and would love to win... it's for this Mama to receive a "Glamour"/Portrait session... and lets face it.. I didn't really have style before I became a Mama... and now that I am a Mama... I could really use some help!

All you have to do, is "like" Close to Home Photography's Facebook page, here.
And "like" my photo that I entered into the contest, here.

And you'll have helped me out BIG TIME...

Thanks a bunch!

Charlie is still sleeping... she slept last night from 9-12 (midnight) woke up... had some snuggles and song time with Mama, and went back to bed from 1 am- present (10 am!!!) and is still passed out. What's a person to do.. wake her? I'm not sure how to get her past jet lag... but I know her body is probably trying to play "catch up" with her lack of sleep from yesterday.
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  1. never wake a sleeping baby!

  2. Does she still nap? I would wake her up around 9:30-10am for a while, and then try to get her to take a decent nap and then aim for the bedtime you're wanting her to go down at. Sleep is a tough issue since each child is different. Just gradually work her towards the schedule you'd like her to have eventually. Good luck!