Saturday, June 18, 2011

To My Papa...

Happy Father's Day to my Papa...

... a Papa who makes first time experiences WAY fun! I might not say it yet, and I definitely might show more favoritism towards Mama... but you know I love you, especially if I trust you enough to take me to a fountain and not throw me in.

Charlotte ... your Charlie.

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  1. Doesn't seeing your husband with your child just melt your heart? Happy first Father's Day to your husband!

  2. Aw Happy First Father's Day to Jason! How exciting it must be to celebrate it and see him with Charlie. So sweet. :-)

  3. I love it ~ she has captured his heart for sure. ~CB

  4. For a little girl who loves water so much...perhaps she'll be a swimmer like Papa!Adina Leon

  5. Yes, Happy Happy Father's have quite a legacy to live up to...your Dad and your Grandfather were terrific.

  6. Jason is going to be such a wonderful daddy! These pics brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you guys! :)