Friday, June 17, 2011

We all scream for ice cream...

For the last few days breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc... have been a breeze. This girl can and willingly eats EVERYTHING we stick in front of her face. In fact, she even searches out food in the house when it's not even time to "eat"... Her "output" has definitely caught up with her "input".. if you know what I mean!

How does the ice cream song/chant go? "I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ICE CREAM!"... Except Charlotte! Last night, after dinner, we headed out for a stroll with the Coleman Family for some ice cream (to give Charlotte her first EVER lick). We ordered an orange flavor for her, and when we handed her the cone, she put it up to her mouth, felt how cold it was, and pushed it away and gave it back to Papa. This little girl really isn't a fan! Papa tried showing her how to stick out her tongue to "lick", but it was still a no go. We FINALLY found something she doesn't care for too much. I'm guessing maybe she'll acquire a taste for it... but for now, the only thing she'll eat from an ice cream cone, is the actual cone. At the end of our trip, she actually handed me some cone (never has happened before-Charlotte usually finishes EVERYTHING!) I suppose there's a first for everything....and we definitely got a good chuckle out of it.

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