Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Farmer's Market

Today we ventured to a local farmer's market in Kiev... you can always tell where they are, because all the old "babushkas" (grandmas) flock to them, and there are LOTS of huge umbrellas (to shade the vendors from the sun). At this market we found YUMMY raspberries, beautiful baskets (too bad I have no room in my suitcase to bring some home... I'm sure my hubby is happy about that!), a butcher shop (don't read any further if you're a vegetarian)...

We are loving all these open air markets... definitely something we'll miss when we head back. Talking about heading back... we'll be leaving Ukraine on Sunday afternoon to head back to Korea. We are so excited to get back to "normal" life and show her a different side of the world. Seriously, I have this horrible feeling she's going to stare at all the Koreans (a sight she's NEVER seen...)

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  1. Those blueberries look to die for!!! SOOOO yummy!!! Safe travels my friend!! I cant wait to see you again!
    Kim Stafford

  2. Dude, that fruit DOES look amazing!!

    No worries on her staring at the Koreans, they'll be doing it right back. Seriously. You have no idea what a celebrity she is about to become on the streets of Korea.

  3. Um, Can I have some of that fresh fruit please????

    I'm so glad you get to head back home. Praying for you friend :)