Tuesday, June 07, 2011

WIWW-Mommy Style

Before leaving for Ukraine, a sweet friend, Kim, gifted me this beautiful necklace (an etsy purchase of course!)... and I've worn it quite a few times here in Ukraine. In fact, when I wore it the other day, dear little Charlotte played with it nearly the entire time we were visiting with her. She twists it up, and likes to see it "unwind"... she also loves when we "spin" while having a dance party... as long as the Cheerios are invited!

What I Wore:

jean skirt- Old Navy
Purple and White Tank- Forever 21
Turquoise Sweater- Old Navy
Black Strap Sandals- Old Navy
Ukrainian Map Necklace- gifted from a sweet friend, bought from: www.daisymaedesigns.net
Wet Wipes- part of motherhood...
Sweet Little Girl attached to my hips- Ukraine

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  1. LOVE love love. You are beautiful, that necklace is awesome (where did she get it?) and Charlotte's sweet little topknot-- LOVE it. ;)

  2. You are such a great mommy, it comes naturally to you!!! I cannot reiterate enough how HAPPY I am for you guys!!!

  3. Love that necklace! What shop is it from?

  4. Adorable necklace! Goes so well with your outfit! :)

  5. love your outfit and that necklace is pretty! my sister would love one - her heart is in ukraine and wants to adopt a little girl name anya from there one day.

    still so excited for you and your lil' fam, friend!!!

  6. I love that sweater, it looks awesome with your little sweetie's yellow dress!

  7. Love that necklace. What a sweet gift.