Saturday, July 02, 2011

6 years ago...

I married my very best friend...

(Yes, I would be in a wheelbarrow...)

We looked at each other weeks ago when our adoption journey was in full throttle, and said, "We are not making a big deal out of our anniversary this year... we have SO much that'll be going on... and we'll just enjoy our time with each other... " and that is just what we did. It was a fairly quiet day, with an outing to the indoor pool for Charlotte, and ended the night with some fellowship at a bbq with some dear friends. We couldn't be happier... and I certainly am more in love today with my handsome man, than I was yesterday!
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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great wedding photo!

  2. happy happy happy anniversary to you two!! :D and here's to many more!

  3. 6 years!!! That's awesome! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    I love that wedding photo also! You looked so beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! SO SPECIAL! Newest follower from Faith Blogs! :) I see that you have an ETSY shop! I will be contacting you!!