Saturday, July 09, 2011

July 10: Lessons Learned

I've decided to start a new theme, for each Sunday... and I hope you'll join along, and send me a link with yours. I think I'll actually create a "banner" and perhaps even a "linky" for it next week... we'll see how ambitious I feel. For now, I leave you with...

Lessons Learned this week:

- Look in the cupboard to make sure you have syrup, before making pancakes for a hungry crowd on Saturday mornings (by crowd, I mean a VERY hungry little girl)... good news- she has NO idea what syrup is, since she's never had pancakes ever before in her life... they tasted just as good to her, even without the syrup.

- Doesn't matter what time Charlotte goes to bed, she ALWAYS wakes up between 6 and 7 am... Mama staying up later, because Charlotte goes to bed later, doesn't translate well... and it makes for a grumpy/ "in need of a couple cups of coffee in order to function" Mama.

- Trying to potty train a little one... will NOT happen, unless there's a slight interest in using the potty in the first place. Crying hysterical= not interested in the potty in the slightest. Also, wearing a "tu tu" while sitting on the potty, doesn't help AT ALL... poor little froggy potty constantly feels rejected.

- It's totally okay for a little girl to want to switch her outfit about 6 times a day... it's just what they do... ingrained in their brains, like cats and pooping in a litter box.

- I think raisons are not digest-able, they come out the same way they go in.

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  1. ooh how funny!!!!You gave me a good laugh this morning!!!!Welcome to motherhood!!!You are doing so incredibly well!!!!

  2. Laughed out loud. Kids teach us so much, don't they?

  3. I'm learning things lately too...I'd join your linky party. :)

  4. I learned the raisin thing this week too! I actually said how are you getting nutrients from these if they're not broken down??? Things that make ya go hmmmmm

  5. I'm sitting here, laughing out loud, and just praising Jesus that you are the thoughtful and contemplative mommy that you are (these blog posts are our LIFELINE). I'm thinking that these will make a hilarious book someday . . . "reflections on motherhood: potty training and other things not to do in a tutu!"

  6. Love it and I have learned all those lessons too! There are many more! Lots of things look the same coming out as going in! Ain't it fun!

    Love from Japan!

  7. Raisins always came out as grapes with mine. They actually plumped up, potentially stealing nutrients from my babies!!!! ;) As for potting training, let her see you do it as much as possible, and she'll let you know when she's ready.