Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nap when they nap...

Since we've been back from Ukraine... our little furry four legged beast, Runyan... has been suffering from "neglected child" syndrome. He actually comes to us for attention (which he never had to do before)... he's completely thrown off by my waking up early because of Charlotte... we used to sleep in a lot (oh how I miss those days)... but, I do believe that he's content we brought home a child that doesn't pay him attention, because lets be honest, he's NOT a fan of little kids. He LOVES adults, but he does not get along with little ones that are more on his eye level. Poor guy hasn't had his photo taken, nor has he said, "hello" to my blog readers... so when I went to photograph him, of course I found him sleeping. You know how newborn mothers are supposed to sleep whenever their baby naps? Well... Runyan completely follows that rule. He naps any chance there's peace and quiet in the house.

This is his, "What you're actually paying attention to me... and want to photograph my manliness? Whatever... I'm going back to bed... the little critter is sleeping, so I need to sleep."

Don't let him fool you... he still gets plenty of scratches...
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  1. Ahhh... Runyan and Apache are cut from the same clothe. :O)

  2. I like you even more now that I know you have a fabulously lazy orange cat... the best variety!

  3. You are an equal opportunity photographer . . . but I haven't seen a video of the "O-Factory" ("her royal cuteness!) in days now. Let the chubby cheeks reappear!!! Are we off of "zero-eth percentile yet?" Papa "D" is praying.

  4. the last photo is great!!! hahahaha love it