Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prickly Prick

Last week, during Charlotte's first doctor's visit, we were told that she needed a couple immunizations. I've gone back and forth on immunizations awhile, and I finally decided to go ahead and get them done today. She has had almost ALL of the immunizations she's supposed to have, up until now... and she's been fine, still a happy smiling little girl... and I didn't think 2 more would "do" her in. This late morning, we headed to the doctor, and she had no idea what was coming... I tried explaining to her "shot"...and how it goes in our arm... and how we have to be brave... but again... that only translates to Charlie as "gibberish" right now. When we laid her down, she knew something was coming... and I had to hold her top half down, as the technician held her bottom half. It was only a few seconds, but boy didthat child wail.... but nothing that a fun little band-aid can't fix (seriously, her mood improved about 50% when she saw that they had pictures on it)... mind you, this was the only the second time she's EVER in her LIFE worn a band-aid. Yup, they lasted only about 5 minutes on her leg, before she ripped them off...

yes, the photographer in me came out... held onto those cute little band-aids, and reapplied them onto her legs as soon as we got home. I asked Charlotte to show me her "boo boo" and "owwies", and she rolled up her capris leggings for me... she's understanding more and more each day... even her Mama's need to document everything! So she modeled her Tazmanian Devil band-aids for me... is it bad that I just kept staring at her cute little thighs and how much weight/muscle they've gained in nearly a month of having her?

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  1. I used to love a box of Mickey Mouse bandaids that my mo kept in a special place. They always made me feel better.
    Maybe Charlie will feel that way about Tazmanian Devil someday?!

  2. My youngest loves band-aids. Toy Story are his favorite. He loves them so much, in fact, that I put two boxes in his Easter basket this year :)

  3. Those band-aids always do the trick!
    We moved here 3 years ago from Germany and my daughter didn't understand a word in English, but after just 3 months she started talking and understanding more and more....
    You are doing a great job there, mama! xxx

  4. I have 5 kids. When one of them was not quite 2, he got into a box of bandaids and completely covered himself in them. Where was I? I don't know - probably wiping our 1-year-olds nose or changing her diaper or something ... these kids can be really fast!