Thursday, July 14, 2011

Same Happiness....

Today (during the rainy afternoon break) my dear friend, Anna and I headed to my favorite place in Korea... yup, that would be Happy Quilt. You see, while I was gone in Ukraine, they actually moved locations. That's right... they up and left, thankfully didn't move too far away... but still... an additional 10+ minutes has been tagged on to my drive. And since I go at least once a week, sometimes even twice, that would be 40-80 extra minutes that I would have to be driving in my car, in order to see my favorite place. Totally worth it!

They moved to a larger location, with more windows, and doors (so it'll stay warm in the winter, I'm sure of it), and more organized. It just felt brighter and full of life compared to the way the old shop felt. I think they were a little surprised, when I strolled in with Charlotte... yup, definitely took them for a loop, since they've never seen me with a child before. Of course I had to snap some of Anna's little man... since I haven't introduced him to the blog yet. He was born while we were on our way to Ukraine.. isn't he the cutest? I'm kind of hoping he and Charlie get together in the future... she'll show him the way of inhaling raisins without chewing... yup.... yup she will (it's the one thing that kept her quiet most of the time in Happy Quilt).

I certainly left with the same happiness that I always left (even though it was in a new location)... and with some extra fabric to add to my ever growing collection... man I need to get back to sewing!

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  1. Oh my! That must be one of the neatest places!!

  2. That store looks amazing! Your friend's baby looks JUST LIKE her! And Charlie is as cute as ever! :)

  3. Thank you for the pictures of Happy Quilt! I can't believed they moved. Somehow in your description before I looked at the pictures I was imagining they went for more of a "store" look. In a wierd way I'm glad to see that it is still warehousy and random as ever. Oh Happy Quilt! Can't wait for yor big come back sewing project :)

  4. I'd be in almost heaven there! I can see why it's called Happy Quilt! ;-) Your friend's baby looks just like her! (Yes I'm echoing Christa!) Haha. Those eyes! Wow! ... Love Charlie's pics and her ability to eat raisins without chewing. That will come in handy when it's time for taking pills. (Trust me, as I couldn't for the longest time. Haha. ;-))