Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sewing Session

Saturday, late afternoon, dear friends, Ferial and Anna and I came together for a sort of last minute sewing session... I LOVE these moments, especially since with a little one, they have been far and few... wait, I lie... there have been NONE since becoming a Mama! The hubby was so sweet to let me escape for a few hours to get in some "adult interaction" and sewing... I think he knew I needed it. I didn't accomplish too much, but it still felt great.

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  1. Thanks for showing me the ropes, Mama Davis! ^^

  2. I know how you're feeling! I haven't had a good sewing session since becoming at house parent---and that was in March! Gah!
    Must must must get on that pronto.

  3. Do I spy my sewing machine?! If so, I love that's it's being passed along and USED!
    I am just about to the point in unpacking where I can begin sewing again... my machine is all set up on that beautiful blue/green desk you photographed for me. :)