Saturday, July 02, 2011

Under the Weather...

We've survived our first few days here in Korea, and although Charlie seems to be doing great (with jet lag and all), Mama hasn't been the greatest. I've been under the weather pretty much since we've arrived on the Peninsula. In fact, one of the first nights, I had the hubby drive (with Charlotte) me to the ER at 3 am because I had the worst stabbing pain under my right rib cage, that wasn't going away. When I stood or sat upright, it was a mild pain, but laying down, and specifically laying down on my right side, just was agonizing. They ran tests, and all my liver and pancreas counts looked good as well as my white blood cell count. The doctor said I had some minor elevated lymphocyte count, which probably meant my body was trying to get rid of a virus of some sorts. Needless to say, with that and jet lag, I've been dragging these last few days. The doctor called 2 days later to also let me know that it could have been a gall bladder attack and therefore I have an ultrasound scheduled for this week to see if that's the case. All in all, I'll be fine... I could even have a few parasites and tapeworms in me, for all I know! But be prepared for more blog post updates... I'm pretty sure I'm over the worst part, which means I'm back to bloggin'...

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  1. OH I hope you feel better soon! It is no fun being sick and caring for a toddler! Boo!

  2. :( Oh no! I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I can't wait to hear more about how Charlie is settling in!

  3. ew, no fun!! here's to hoping you feel way better!!