Monday, August 29, 2011

To See or Not to See... that is the question?

After another eye doctor appointment, Charlie finally received a prescription for glasses. It was another hurdle that we've started to hop over. You see, the doctor is hoping that it will narrow her "deviation" aka cross eyes... but, at the same time, she doesn't think it'll completely "cure" them... and that she'll still need some sort of surgery. In the meantime, Charlotte is supposed to wear some "oh la la's" for a few months... in hopes that there will be some improvement.

On Sunday, after our Vietnamese lunch, we headed straight to the eye glasses boutique and handed over Charlie's prescription (which apparently is pretty bad-like coke bottle thick), in hopes that they had a pair of frames that were small enough for our tiny little girl. When we saw this one pair, we just knew they were the ones... and better yet, Charlie pretty much assured they were the ones, as she quickly placed them on her face, and clapped when Da Da held her up in the mirror (pictured below-as well as her new Cyborg Mouth!). She was overjoyed to have glasses... something we thought she'd struggle with (we honestly thought she'd throw them straight on the ground and stomp on them)... but she took it like a champ. In fact, she welcomed it so well, that I almost felt like she "knew" she needed them. I just adore our sweet girl and the struggles that she's been dealt... and I'm so impressed by how she's handling everything... she continues to be filled with joy, and that is more than I could ever have imagined.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

fee fie PHO fum..

The best way to experience Korea (at least it's what the hubby and I both think)... is through food... and yesterday after church, we went out for Vietnamese! YUMMY PHO! We also had another adventure after lunch, but we'll save that adventure for tomorrow. Just know, it involved Charlie and her second set of eyes... way too cute to add to this post. We're having a sweet time with Aunt Courtney, and we had an easy weekend, even though Charlie was ready to "GO GO GO" after her surgery on Friday.

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Lessons Learned: August 28

Lessons Learned: August 28

- A child does not necessarily come out of anesthesia fully rested- in fact, be prepared for "monster-like" tendencies...

- It's super sweet to watch Charlotte love on her sweet Aunt Courtney- learned not to get jealous of all the hugs that Aunt C is receiving, but am excited to see how she's opening up so easily to her. Such a blessing to witness... I continue to encourage the bonding... in fact I just adore when Charlie calls her, "Aunt CaCa".

- Take as much advantage of the sun as possible... it's the best sleep aid EVER for a little one.

- While taking advantage of the sun, take your little one to the park to tire them out... but don't underestimate what your little one can do- if they want to try the "big slide"... let them try it.

Now it's your turn... I want to hear all that you've learned this week... funny, wise, new quotes, etc... (sarcasm is completely welcome)... and link up dear friends!

Feel free to use my banner when creating your own list, but please link my blog to your post... Happy Sunday everyone.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cyborg Mouth

Friday was quite a doozy of a day. Charlotte had oral surgery... you see, she needed to have 12 extractions! You read that right... 12! They weren't all "whole" teeth, in fact, most of those were only root tips, from old decayed baby teeth, that never came out. But, we did leave the OR with 5 treasure chests full of teeth... and I ask... should I be excited to keep these? I almost feel like they're part of Charlie's "old life"...

Before surgery, children usually get a "special" juice to help with separation anxiety when the anesthesiologist comes to lead them off to the OR... but in Charlie's case, he didn't feel it was necessary (since she's quite a social butterfly), and he was 100% right with that decision because she ran into his arms! Then we just waited for our little one to roll back in the room... her bed was ready for her, with padded pillows surrounding (in case if she woke up a monster!)

Of course... couldn't get through a day that started at 5 am, without a cup o' Joe...

Poor thing was wheeled back in, and still completely passed out...

The only thing that made her happy after her surgery was, Sesame Street... she didn't wake up as a monster, but lets just say she was pretty agitated.

The dentist capped all her remaining 8 baby teeth, so now she has some bling going on inside her mouth... as soon as I saw her, I couldn't help but call her cyborg mouth. Her Papa makes fun, and says that when she opens her mouth, you can hear her transform into a Transformer. But, our baby girl is even happier (if you can believe that) after these rotted teeth were removed, than she was before! According to the doctor, if they hadn't been removed, it could have led to future complications with organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), because there was a large amount infection underneath them. I could only imagine the care she would have received had we never adopted her. Again, we are so grateful to the amazing physicians that saw her on such short notice, but more so to our Heavenly Father for delivering her from having to go "under" general anesthesia. We are so blessed...

It took a few hours for the anesthesia to metabolize out of Charlie's body... and after that, she was ready to go go go. We headed toHomePlus (a Korean version of Walmart), went out for Thai food (she didn't have spicy of course, but inhaled an entire plate of pad thai), and then headed home for some tv time with Aunt Courtney.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What She's In For...

Today is a very special day for us... like SPECIAL day... it's a day like no other... our very first visitor is heading on their way to Korea... and this visitor, is AUNT COURTNEY! We are thrilled... and Charlotte has NO idea what she's in for... or maybe Aunt Courtney has no idea what she's in for!

The sheets are clean and the towels are laid out...

The goodies are laid out... Charlotte drew up a cute little card, and we picked out some special things for her trip/time here in Korea (of course I had to sew up a little somethin' somethin')

{pretty sure I'm going to put some of these draw string baggies in the shop soon... aren't they darlin'?}

Runyan "Okay'd" the room... made sure there wasn't any peeping Toms around... He's our security around this place.

Celebratory bunting is out and hanging...

Now we "patiently" wait...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hummus Pie

What do you get when you mix feta cheese, tomatoes, artichoke hearts...

and yummy hummus onto homemade pizza dough... ???

one of the yummiest pizzas I have ever eaten! Charlotte had 3 slices! I'm pretty sure this little girl is in love with hummus, which makes one very happy Mama.

What do you all call pizza? just "pizza"... or do some of you call it "pie"?... you see, where I grew up in New Jersey, we referred to it, as a "slice of pie"... you could definitely tell how it could confuse people when I announce that it's what I want for lunch/dinner, especially around Southerners... they don't understand that phrase at all! But to me, it'll always be a pizza pie... so interested to hear if others out there refer to it the same as I do.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Box/Package" Shower!

Welcome All to Karen and Charlotte's "Box/Package" shower!

Dear friends of mine were so sweet to send over packages to the other side of the world, to celebrate Charlotte's arrival... and we certainly had to make it a huge celebration-especially since my dear friend Liz (who coordinated everything) sent decorations in her package! What's a girl to do? That's right... throw a party! I hung up the banners, unwrapped the plates and napkins, made Charlie's favorite "mmmnack" (her way of saying, "snack") and encouraged Charlotte's favorite friends to come outside (Rody jumped right on the offer... the others took some bribing with animal crackers to come out!)

All were invited...

These days Charlie LOVES anything blueberry... so I plated some animal crackers, blueberries and made a blueberry smoothie for the little princess...

I think if I let her, she would have my share of smoothie, as well as Papa's if she was allowed... she just loves them.

Now she's ready (with yummy blueberry smoothie remains on her lips/face) to open up gifts! She really doesn't open them... she more so stares at them, and then gets REALLY excited when you show her what was inside the box. Oh, and don't even get me started when she saw most of it was CLOTHES!

Mama had to take a break from snapping photos.... and got in a few.

yes, shoes... she's definitely LOVING these... within 10 minutes she perfected her "walk" with these heels!

So many blessings were in all those packages, and Charlotte and I just wanted to say a special thank you to those that sent them (even though official thank yous are on their way to you already!) We so wish you could have been here to celebrate with us... but we are grateful for thinking of us!
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