Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cyborg Mouth

Friday was quite a doozy of a day. Charlotte had oral surgery... you see, she needed to have 12 extractions! You read that right... 12! They weren't all "whole" teeth, in fact, most of those were only root tips, from old decayed baby teeth, that never came out. But, we did leave the OR with 5 treasure chests full of teeth... and I ask... should I be excited to keep these? I almost feel like they're part of Charlie's "old life"...

Before surgery, children usually get a "special" juice to help with separation anxiety when the anesthesiologist comes to lead them off to the OR... but in Charlie's case, he didn't feel it was necessary (since she's quite a social butterfly), and he was 100% right with that decision because she ran into his arms! Then we just waited for our little one to roll back in the room... her bed was ready for her, with padded pillows surrounding (in case if she woke up a monster!)

Of course... couldn't get through a day that started at 5 am, without a cup o' Joe...

Poor thing was wheeled back in, and still completely passed out...

The only thing that made her happy after her surgery was, Sesame Street... she didn't wake up as a monster, but lets just say she was pretty agitated.

The dentist capped all her remaining 8 baby teeth, so now she has some bling going on inside her mouth... as soon as I saw her, I couldn't help but call her cyborg mouth. Her Papa makes fun, and says that when she opens her mouth, you can hear her transform into a Transformer. But, our baby girl is even happier (if you can believe that) after these rotted teeth were removed, than she was before! According to the doctor, if they hadn't been removed, it could have led to future complications with organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), because there was a large amount infection underneath them. I could only imagine the care she would have received had we never adopted her. Again, we are so grateful to the amazing physicians that saw her on such short notice, but more so to our Heavenly Father for delivering her from having to go "under" general anesthesia. We are so blessed...

It took a few hours for the anesthesia to metabolize out of Charlie's body... and after that, she was ready to go go go. We headed toHomePlus (a Korean version of Walmart), went out for Thai food (she didn't have spicy of course, but inhaled an entire plate of pad thai), and then headed home for some tv time with Aunt Courtney.

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  1. Home Plus Plus, do do do do-do, Home Plus Plus...

    ha, now it'll be stuck in your head.

    Prayed for all y'all yesterday, so glad to hear it went so well.

  2. you just have no idea how much we love, appreciate, adore, thank God for, and brag on . . . a daughter so gracious enough to let us "share" your life through pictures. You are amazing. Thank you, THANK YOU, T H A N K Y O U!!!! btw . . . HOW in the world do you get those pics of the three of you walking away. Who is the mystery photog?

  3. Oh that poor poor little girl. I remember when I had a root canal how badly I was hurting up until that point but it's so true that it feels sooooooooo much better once you get it done. Praising God that everything went well for her!

  4. Hope Charlie has a quick recovery! She's quite the trooper!

  5. So glad she came through like such a trooper! Praising God with you for so many blessings! ~CB

  6. PS. The basket in the upper right hand of your last to pics is very like the one you gave us for E's baby shower and I still think of you every time I move it or fill or see =o)

  7. Aw, so glad everything went well for Charlotte! Hope everyone is enjoying their time together this weekend!

  8. yay, i'm glad I got the answer to my previous comment; glad for Charlie that she fared well in this!!