Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A different kind of "culture"...

Yesterday a friend came over, and introduced me to the world of "baking bread"... well, sourdough at least! Which, from what I gather, is probably the most difficult to create/bake, because you use a "live culture" that you have to keep up with (refrigerate and feed-flour and water). After a good bit of discussing how we keep said "culture" alive, and how to revive it, we created some yummy bread items...

Made a loaf first...

Made some pizza dough for dinner...

Um, I think it turned out to be one handsome loaf...

Of course I had to dig right in... burned my tongue from the bread's piping heat waited until it was semi-cool... and it was delicious.

Will there be future bread making... why yes, I do believe so!
(Pardon the lack of pictures of the process... but my hands were full of sticky dough most of the time..) and can I please just mention, how AMAZING my house smelled... just like a bakery.
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  1. It is everything i hoped and dreamed! Im so glad we got to learn this together.

  2. I made my own starter once we returned from Korea and have become a baking fiend. I can send you some recipes and ideas if you like.

  3. Fresh homemade bread is SOOOO good! :) Glad you enjoyed it and had fun with a friend!

  4. Yay I love homemade bread! I make homemade wheat bread but my pregnant belly hadn't been able to take it lately, so I replaced one cup of wheat with a cup of white and that worked out very well. So glad you have made some bread. Totally fun!

  5. I was just thinking I needed to make some bread today. Thanks for the push to actually do it. I use a breadmaker- easiest thing ever- pour all the ingredients in and press start. and yes- there is nothing like the smell in the house when bread is baking-yum.

  6. Very nice job! I have good memories of my mom baking bread while we were growing up. Straight from the oven - yum!