Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here Ye.. Here Ye... You all are INVITED!

After the hubby and I became "one" one glorious day in July of 2005... we headed down south, for a year of living at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL. Although it was a short assignment, we feel that it was such a blessed time there... we attended a newly married couples Sunday School class, where we befriended amazing people! What a blessed time that was. We have kept in touch with many throughout the years... and it's so awesome to see that all of them have started families of their own... I think we're actually the last to join in! While we were finishing up our adoption in Ukraine, they conspired together to come up with a "box/package" baby shower for Charlotte and I. All the boxes made their way to us safe and sound, which meant it was time for a party!

Of course I took what they sent me, and "ran" with it.... come back tomorrow for the party! Won't you all join us for the celebration?

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  1. O I love it! You're gonna milk it~ sitting on the edge of my seat here. ~ CB

  2. fabulous!! my sister-in-law & a dear friend "conspired" together & did the same thing for me for a baby shower! this is the next best thing to having an actual shower. :) cannot wait to see the party!!
    blessings ♡

  3. awesome!! that is such a clever & thoughtful thing to do; def. filing it away for a future reference!