Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hummus Pie

What do you get when you mix feta cheese, tomatoes, artichoke hearts...

and yummy hummus onto homemade pizza dough... ???

one of the yummiest pizzas I have ever eaten! Charlotte had 3 slices! I'm pretty sure this little girl is in love with hummus, which makes one very happy Mama.

What do you all call pizza? just "pizza"... or do some of you call it "pie"?... you see, where I grew up in New Jersey, we referred to it, as a "slice of pie"... you could definitely tell how it could confuse people when I announce that it's what I want for lunch/dinner, especially around Southerners... they don't understand that phrase at all! But to me, it'll always be a pizza pie... so interested to hear if others out there refer to it the same as I do.
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  1. mmm... that sounds very yummy! And we called it "crackers and cheese" when we were kids. Strange, I know. Dad used to tease us that we were going to have crackers and cheese for dinner, then surprise us by bringing home a pizza from Main Street Pizza. The crust could be considered cracker-like, right? ;)

  2. Oh man alive! I have been in love with pizza lately - and hummus is one of our favorites - we are definitely gonna have to try this one. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. We call it pizza, or sometimes we refer to it specifically, as in, "I could sure go for a slice of stuffed crust right now!" My dad owns 3 pizza restaurants. Having worked for him for 6 years and eaten pizza almost every day, we crave it pretty often now that we live so far away from him!