Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lessons Learned: August 14

Lessons Learned: August 14

- Learning how to make homemade bread, isn't as tough as I thought it would be... the hard part is knowing when too much sourdough bread is too much sourdough bread in the house. There are ENDLESS possibilities when it comes to baking sourdough (this Friday we made a taco pizza... it was amazin')

- Right now "kisses" don't make "owwwies" feel better... but tickling toes, certainly help forget what hurt in the first place.

- Carrying a tiger backpack, is completely fashionable...

- There are not enough hours in the day, to clean your house from top to bottom... so the next best thing, is scheduling out days in the week to do certain tasks (aka: Monday and Friday are vacuuming days...Wednesday is bathroom cleaning day...)

- Writing said household cleaning tasks down in a Sesame Street Weekly Planner, is totally fashionable...seriously friends, all the celebrities better start taking note of how I roll...

Now it's your turn... I want to hear all that you've learned this week... funny, wise, new quotes, etc... (sarcasm is completely welcome)... and link up dear friends!

Feel free to use my banner when creating your own list, but please link my blog to your post... Happy Sunday everyone.
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  1. A valuable lesson: It is okay to make your child re-visit a chore not done completely or properly. Regardless of how many tears and stomping feet there are.They learn the value of doing a job well the first time.


  2. If you have an iPhone, try the motivated moms app. I've found it quite useful for keeping up with household chores.

  3. This week I learned...

    Being a Doppelganger is not as unpleasant as it might sound.

    Mackinac Island Fudge does not mix well with honey. Or Tea.

    You should definitely put the convertible top "up" overnight, especially when rain is in the forecast.

    Doing statistics homework is not a fun, relaxing way to spend a Saturday.

    Eight is a pretty great number of nieces and nephews.

  4. that day planner is killing me...haha! :)