Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lessons Learned: August 28

Lessons Learned: August 28

- A child does not necessarily come out of anesthesia fully rested- in fact, be prepared for "monster-like" tendencies...

- It's super sweet to watch Charlotte love on her sweet Aunt Courtney- learned not to get jealous of all the hugs that Aunt C is receiving, but am excited to see how she's opening up so easily to her. Such a blessing to witness... I continue to encourage the bonding... in fact I just adore when Charlie calls her, "Aunt CaCa".

- Take as much advantage of the sun as possible... it's the best sleep aid EVER for a little one.

- While taking advantage of the sun, take your little one to the park to tire them out... but don't underestimate what your little one can do- if they want to try the "big slide"... let them try it.

Now it's your turn... I want to hear all that you've learned this week... funny, wise, new quotes, etc... (sarcasm is completely welcome)... and link up dear friends!

Feel free to use my banner when creating your own list, but please link my blog to your post... Happy Sunday everyone.
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  1. so cute :) she's beautiful!


  2. did i miss Charlie's surgery? i didn't know about it until now!!