Thursday, August 04, 2011

Little bits...

Remember in the last post, how I told you that Charlotte is getting a little picky. Well, she's still an amazing eater... seriously, she eats anything we put in front of her. Even when I made a "Mexican" meal last week. She didn't like it (clearly some horrible expressions on her face told us that, and it was HYSTERICAL to watch!) but she sat at the dinner table, and shoveled it in. The one thing that Charlotte is in control of, is her snack cup, her "Munchie Mug"... it's filled with Cheerios (her favorite thing), and it's at her fingertips for her to pick up and eat out of whenever she'd like. It's something that is always full, and a constant reminder, that she can always have "more"...

Here's where she's becoming picky... I've been finding broken Cheerios all around the house... she especially loves to put little bits on her chair... the ones that aren't 100% complete... and they are not going to be eaten. No, they will sit on her chair until someone picks them up and throws them away. If you tell her to throw the bits in the garbage, she will gladly do it... but if one whole Cheerio falls on the ground, and you tell her to stick it in the garbage... no, it goes straight in her mouth. Yes, she's a strange girl... and we love that about her.

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  1. That. Is. Hysterical. Seriously. I would have LOLed, but Elisha is asleep next to me. TOO funny!!

  2. ha! so cute!! and i love how you are capturing all the little moments. precious!