Thursday, September 29, 2011

World Of Cupcakes

On the 29th was Charlotte's 4th birthday... and she was introduced to the world of "cupcakes"... yup, that's right... she had her very first cupcake, and I'm pretty sure she LOVED it. This was the extent of her birthday, as we're celebrating tomorrow. But, I just couldn't resist sharing these photos with you.

and a few minutes after she ate her cupcake, we made our way to the car, and headed to Atlanta (2.5 hour drive ) to pick up a dear friend who made her way across the ocean from Italy with her baby girl... not sure if it was the smartest idea to "sugar" her up before a long car ride... but I just couldn't resist.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rough housin'

Rough housin' is good for the soul... and for the core! We have many rough housin' sessions with Charlotte each and every day... this kid has TOO much energy, and it helps get rid of some of it, while it also helps build her core. Friends, I cannot get enough of the beautiful Alabama sunshine and I'm so excited to "edit" some of these photos when I get home for our walls... they just make me smile.

Also, according to, the number generator picked #9- Liz Upton as the winner of some shop credit to Toaster's Transformations !!! Congrats sweet friend, if you e-mail me at, I'll get you in touch with Amanda.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preparations Underway...

Preparations are underway for a big day this Thursday. We're celebrating our first birthday with Charlotte... even though it's her 4th! We won't be doing anything huge, in fact, we won't actually be celebrating it until Saturday... but we are going to have fun (my resources are fairly limited, being away from sewing machine and what not-but lets just say I went to Hobby Lobby for 2 hours and just stared at EVERYTHING in each and every aisle)!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

An Understatement...

To say she LOVED the ocean, would be an understatement... Charlotte was totally meant to be a Davis... no doubt about it. Now, how do we get stationed back in Florida again?

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Tea with EVERY meal

One of our most favorite places to eat, in Apalachicola, is the Owl Cafe. Yummy sandwiches, yummy soups.. so it was a must stop there for lunch. I would have included it in yesterday's post, but I believe it totally deserves it's own post, since the food and ambiance is just so amazing. Charlie seemed to agree with us 100% and shared my Mulligatawny Soup and burger with me. Papa indulged in a Crab Cakes Beneditct. While I've been here in the south, I've pretty much had a sweet tea with every meal... yes, my waistline is starting to scream at me.... squeezing lots of lemon in it counts for something, right?

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


6 years ago, the hubby and I started our amazing adventure together, and our first destination on that adventure, was to Tyndall AFB, in Florida. What a glorious 11 months we had there... to be near the beach, yummy food, and fun antiques... life couldn't have been sweeter (or so we thought!) One of the places we often ventured out to while we lived there, was this quaint little town called Apalachicola... an old oyster town. There's nothing like a town, where the air smells like saltwater, everyone greets one another, and sweet tea is on every menu. A town where you automatically feel like you're "at home"... a town that we missed dearly. So it is with no surprise, that this town NEEDED to be on our "to do" list, when we found out my hubby would be in school for 5.5 weeks in Alabama, only 4 hours away. So this weekend, we packed our bags, and made our way south... and reacquainted ourselves with our very first "home".

Our last stop in Apalachicola before heading out, was to the Soda Fountain... can't leave town without a shake...

Friends, there is NOTHING greater than Blue Bell Ice Cream.... seriously... and my strawberry milkshake, totally hit the spot.

It was then time to take the little one to see the ocean "up close and personal" for the very first time, and she LOVED it. We had no idea how well she'd do, but in the end, there were tears when we had to pull her away from the water. We weren't prepared (bathing suits, towels and lathered up with suntan lotion) for her to like it so much. Now that we know, we'll be heading there all day tomorrow before heading back to Alabama.

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