Friday, September 02, 2011

F Stop Frenzy Weekly Challenge

Two brilliant photographers recently teamed up, and created a really fun blog, "Fstop Frenzy". They host weekly challenges... and the winner for this week, ends up with a One-On-One Mentoring session! Oh how I would just about die if I won. This week's challenge, is to showcase a pictures with the idea/theme of "hope". Of course my mind automatically started flipping through the photos that I took of on our trip/time in Ukraine when we were adopting Charlotte. The only problem... I couldn't narrow it down to 1... so I have to post 2. They sort of work hand in hand. You see... whenever we took Charlie out for a walk... she would head to the windows... where some of the other children would be. The first photo really shows the little ones in the room... but the second is a photo of little Charlotte's hand tapping against the window. She didn't do it in a "haha, I'm outside and your inside" kind of way... but to me, I think she was sharing her "hope" with the other little ones. So there you have it, my entry for this week...

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