Saturday, September 17, 2011

I craft... when I...

When I stress... I craft... and since the hubby has been away for a week, and I'm taking a little ankle biter back to the states all by myself (with 2 layovers + deal with Immigrations)... which means, I've been crafting lately. Yup, I should be packing my bags... yup, I should be finishing up some photo editing... yup, I should clean the house before I go. But first, I have to get out some of that stress on my sewing machine... and that is what I did.

Before I left for Ukraine, I made some loveys to bring along. Unfortunately, Charlotte didn't like hers at first, refused to give it love, and left it on the airplane on the flight home... (Perhaps it was because we were soooo ready to get off the plane, and didn't take inventory of our things before we got off). I've actually thought about making Charlie a new one, but not yet... so I decided to craft/sew for my shop, and these little loveys need some love. The ones I made for Ukraine were very simple, but I decided to get super creative with these. If purchased before Monday morning, they will ship out before I leave.

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  1. I NEED 2! I'll be over to your shop shortly!

  2. They are just darling! :) Beautiful!

  3. 16 yo self wants one ;) they are too cute!

  4. Is that Sarah Jane balloon fabric at Happy Quilt? That line is selling for almost $11 per yard here in the states!! You are so spoiled with HQ. It's enough to make me think I need to move back there :). These lovies are so sweet. Safe travels. You know you are a real military spouse when you find yourself traveling over seas, to and fro, solo, but with kid(s) in toe!! Take care.