Thursday, September 08, 2011

Laboring in Seoul...

Over Labor Day we decided to do an overnight in Seoul. With a beautiful/clear sky, we made our way to Seoul Tower to check out the incredible view from up above... until you make your way up to the top, it's hard to fully comprehend how crazy big Seoul is, as a city.

An impromptu photo shoot, thanks to Aunt Courtney...

The Locks of Love at Seoul Tower.

We even made a quick stop in Insadong (the artsy fartsy district that I love so much)... right as the sun was setting...

Our second day, we woke up and made our way to the Palace... which unfortunately was closed. We enjoyed the view at least... and will have to put it on our list of places to visit before we leave... remembering that it's closed on Tuesday.

Isn't my sister in law beautiful? I just adore her... seriously... and we've had such a great time with her (don't want her to leave today). Do you know what she was looking at in this photo?

Yup, that's right... a crowd of Korean kids huddled around Charlotte. Pretty sure that Charlie put herself in the middle of it though. She just adores a crowd.

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  1. INCREDIBLE!!! Love, love, love that picture of Jason, Court and Charlie in between them. Little itty-bitty legs dangling down from the bench seat, between the giant legs of the adults. CUTE!!!

    Next, all time great shot was Charlie in the middle of the circle of Korean children. WOW! She's sooooo cute! THANKS for sharing. You are endearing yourself to us more and more as time goes on. Don't know another daughter in love who can come close!!!!

  2. is official you blog is unreadable past make-up application time. Tears streaming down my face. Not because it is sad, but because each blog is filled with such extreme happiness. Seriously you are an amazing family & so gracious to share your story with all of us!!!!

  3. She is just so adorable! So happy for you that you now have this fabulous little girl to share your life with!

  4. ohmygoodness, i love all your pics as always, but i esp. love the last two; what a priceless moment!

  5. Aw these are such cute pictures and I'm sure there are fun adventures that were had! I love the family pics of the 3 of you- so sweet! Impromptu photo shoots are the best :)