Friday, September 02, 2011

A picnic for 3...

Snack time is a time in our house (or if we're out and about) that Charlotte never misses out on. No kidding... everyday, around 3 o'clock, she'll look at me and ask for a "mmnack" (aka snack) or now, she's being specific, and asking for "cooka" (aka cookies). Not one day passes where we skip out on snack time... and today we made it an extra special time. We blended up a smoothie, packed some fruit, cookies, books and a blanket, and headed to a nearby grassy area. The only thing that could have made this picnic for 3 better, is if Papa could have joined us, to make it a picnic for 4...

I just adore her little curls that come out from the heat... and Aunt Courtney captured them so perfectly!

Things have been crazy around here, but there's a second photography tip post in the works, and should be up on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone... enjoy it... you deserve it!
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  1. you have the best ideas to do with little Charlie! & as always, great pictures to document your adventures with.

  2. Sooo . . . how do we SPELL the name of that special Aunt that has come to visit? Is it Cuuu-Kaa . . . or Que-caa? She loves taking pictures of Momma and Char . . . and we can't get ENOUGH of them! I see a new "screen-saver" picture coming on!
    LOVE you guys!