Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Sparkly Ones

Dear Charlie Wray...

Happy " 3 Month Gotcha Day" ! Wowee... I wish I could say that time flies, but it certainly doesn't. Maybe when we look back years from now, we'll think, "Where did all that time go?" but for now, we just keep enjoying each and everyday with you. That's right... each and every day is a new day, and a new adventure.

In this past month, you have lost teeth, started wearing glasses, met your very first extended family member (Aunt Courtney, or to you, "nnnnCa") and have experienced some days of Da Da being away from home. You are trying to say more and more words, and although we never understand you... we are just so excited for how much effort you put into trying (just like how much you've been trying to go poo poo on the potty). There are so many times that your Mama gets frustrated... frustrated that you're not "catching up" quick enough... frustrated when one day I think you have something, and the next day you completely forget it... frustrated when every woman you see is "Na Na= Mama"... but then I look back and remember two weeks ago when you said, "I wooov youuuu= I love you" and my heart melted again... and it melts more and more each time you tell me or get excited to tell Da Da that you love him. I'm not sure if you understand exactly what you're saying (since you're totally into copycating these days), but I hope you feel it, because we sure feel it every time we say it to you (about 20+ x a day)... Each day we love you more than the day before.

Looking forward to the next month and what it brings...

Your Mama and Dada

P.S Can your feet stop growing... you only wore your black TOMS a handful of times before it was time to put on your size 6 TOMS... I think you made them grow on purpose, because you just wanted to wear the sparkly pink ones, instead of the black ones. Little stinker.

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  1. those shoes are adorable! such a sweet post xxx

  2. Yay for sparkly pink shoes... E's feet grow like that, too.

  3. I can't blame her for wanting the pink sparkly ones. I would too! Yay for 3 months with your little girl! Seems like just yesterday you started on your journey to get her. :)

  4. how sweet is she?! i love! and the glasses...i still wear those and i love them so. the pink toms are super cute. had no idea they made them for kids. hugs!

  5. What a precious post! Can you blame her for wanting to wear the pretty pink ones? I have about 13 pairs of TOMS and can never pick which pair I want to wear on any given day :D What a cutie pie!

  6. Well I certainly can't blame her for wanting the sparkly pink ones. I know I would too if I was her. ;-) What a great post! So hard to believe it's been 3 months! :-)