Wednesday, October 12, 2011

29 compliments

A few have wondered how my flight home was... and really, it was the worst flight(s) I could have been on... but, I've been home for 24 hours, and have been able to reflect on it. I was only supposed to have a 21 hour day, but instead it turned into a 30+ hour day- due to toilets not flushing (they realized this 2 hours into one of my flights, had to turn around-which took an additional 2 hours, and then they re-boarded us after fixing the plan 2 hours later) and an unexpected sleepover in Japan. But, we made it safely, and I received 29 compliments (yes, I counted... it was a game for this Mama) from other passengers/flight crew, that I have the BEST traveller as my child... and I would totally have to agree with them. Charlotte never once complained, and was completely content, even when this Mama was ready to break down. I'm pretty sure I hugged her and kissed her multiple times and thanked her for being such a great child. At one point, when I had a massive headache, she even "itchied my back" (her term for a back scratch) for me...

Thankfully, almost every terminal we waited in, had one of these across from it... to keep Mama sane.

Thankfully, on our long plane ride to Japan, our seat had a power outlet, so the little one had unlimited "Dora" and "Sesame Street" time...

After 30+ hours of travel... you use whatever you can to amuse yourself... my little one resorted to her socks.

You know she had a great night's sleep and then some, when she wakes up with a "rat's nest" of a hair do! She is such a trooper... Lets just say it took some time to comb that one out.

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  1. Oh a good chuckle from that rat nest. Thanks for helping me start my day off right, focused on the positive. You challenge me so much in seeing the positives through a trip that was exhausting. Thanks for that, sister. Love you!

  2. Ah, kids and their toys, er socks, er, toys, haha...

  3. hehe she is adorable with her little socks. love this!

  4. She is so sweet. You are one brave momma, my boys on a 30 hour trip would wreeeeck me!

  5. wow sounds like it was intense but oh so glad you're back safe & sound! Charlie seems like the best little girl EVAH :) i'm sure you'd agree ha!

  6. Papa "D"October 13, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    . . . too much fun thinking about those socks, as toys. I'm guessing that if she had Papa "D's" socks . . . she would have made them into a new outfit or something. Thanks for sharing your ride with us. I have had the funest time ever sharing Charlie stories and pictures with the staff. Counting the days 'til Christmas!

  7. Super cute! What a precious child!