Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Our time with Grammy "D" and Papa "D" has come to a close, and as difficult as it was to say "see you later", we know we'll see them very soon... Charlotte had to get out one more round of swinging at the park, and playing with her grandparents before she could bid them farewell. At this very moment, she's been taking a nap for 1.5 hours, and still going strong... yes, I'd say they exhausted her, to say the least. I should be catching up on laundry while she's down, but instead I escaped to the blog... poor Charlotte has no clean long sleeved shirts... clean clothes is overrated, isn't it?

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  1. clean clothes are most certainly overrated when you are sharing your pictures & writing down your priceless memories!

  2. it's always hard to say goodbye when family or friends come to visit, but looks like you guys had a sweet time!

  3. We left something behind as we departed Montgomery, AL this afternoon. Our hearts are "stuck" in AL. Charlotte has them . . . or at least a big junk of them. To know we will see her soon is not enough. Grandparents aren't very "grand" without the object of their grandness.

    So we will be grandless until we see our dear "Charlie" again. We hope she comes to visit soon. Until then . . . we'll just keep enjoying Moma and Papa's stories and pictures of the "Princess." We love you, Charlotte Wray Davis!!!
    Grammy and Papa "D"

  4. These pictures are wonderful! You can see how very much they adore her. Also, his comment above made me tear up. I think that's happened before :)