Friday, October 21, 2011

{Fall}ing in love with the Little Things...

Each week, one of my favorite bloggers, sweet Lindsay from "Aisle to Aloha", runs a link up party on the "Little Things"... the little things that make us smile, and get through the week... because often times, we don't stop to think about them. It's so amazing how great a Fall walk feels this time of the year (no humidity here in Korea, when we were used to 90% humidity days in the Summer)... but more so, when you have absolutely NO agenda, and just walk to walk, to take in the view and enjoy the colors around this time of the year... and that is exactly what we did today with my sweet friend Becky... we shared the beautiful Korean countryside with her...

One last photo of the rice before it's harvested...

A look at the field after it's been run down by hurricane Charlotte harvested...

The textures that "stick out" and tickle us...

The colors that make my heart smile...

Or just knowing that a friend is enjoying it all with you...

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  1. GINGKO LEAVES!!! I love your photos, you're an amazing photographer!

  2. Beautiful photos!! PS I love the title of this post!! :)

  3. lovely photos! I love the golden leaves and grains. Happy Friday!

  4. Rice? Nice . . . Colors? Beautiful . . . but CHARLIE!?!? OUTSTANDING . . . we could use some hugs RIGHT NOW!!!!

  5. wow! such beautiful pics!

    Hi! I'm stopping by from aisle to aloha link up party and am stopping to say hello & show some blog follow love!


  6. beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing!

  7. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL...and I am a little jealous of all those gorgeous, fall leaves!