Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not For Pepsi lovers...

Before heading back to Korea, we spent the night in Atlanta to make it easier to get to the airport at 5 am... while in Atlanta, we HAD to check out Coca Cola World... even though there's TONS to see (we didn't have too long there). What a fascinating place... loved seeing all the old Coca Cola antiques, commercials, production line demonstration, and our favorite was definitely the "Taste It" area. It was amazing how many delicious different Coca Cola products, and it was amazing how horrible tasting others were... (there was a product out of Africa that smelled just like cat pee! I do not lie...)

As we were heading out, and made our way to the parking lot, we passed by a park, which in Charlotte's world, means "Stop! Need to check this place out" So glad that we did, because we "bumped" into friends that we met when in Ukraine. Catherine and her husband Travis were in Ukraine, while we were there, adopting their 2 little girls, Victoria and Francesca (making their child count to 6!). You can read about their story here. What precious little girls these two are, and to FINALLY be able to meet them, and hold them, was SUCH a gift. In just a few days, Catherine is going to be getting on a plane with them, to take them for much needed surgeries... if you feel so willing, please donate to help out! You can do that here... It was seriously, the best way to end our time in the states... but of course, saying farewell to Omi and Opa (and to Da Da) was uber difficult.

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  1. never been to the cola factory - i hope to the next time i visit Ryan! did you guys go across the street to the aquarium? love these photos!

    have a safe trip back!

  2. awesome, I really want to go to there. Hi Mrs. Karen.

  3. this would be my absolute dream outing! i love diet bad for me but tastes too good!

  4. Oh man, I want to play!! How fun!